sábado, 21 de mayo de 2011


May 15th, Sol Square, Madrid. People from Madrid literally took Sol Square after the protest held by the 15M movement. They were only around 30 people. Today May 21th, all the anonimous children and grandchildren of those who lived in such a dark period of history, have not forgotten the dark shadow that were their lives. They have raised and educated a generation that can see the light, a generation based on solidarity and equality. But once we face the real world, not the one that our parents wanted to give us, though, and much more different from what a few are actually transforming, we know that we are strong if we keep united, all together. We are aware of the weapons we can use because we have no home, no job, nothing to loose and all to gain. We are the fearless generation, the ones who want it all and want it now. We have the right and the obligation to demand it.

Each one of us have a new world within ourselves and in our hearts, and there is enough anger and happiness to make a real change. Everything is happening here and now,and it is going to last!
it is not a miningless effort. After the Spanish elections, on 22nd May, we have to keep going, we musn't let the corrupted politicians rule and conrol us any more. We have to dismantle the capitalist system that only means destruction for our world and its people. That is why from Cork, Ireland, we send you a message of hope and solidarity, because we are completely and utterly in harmony with the global protest. You have all our support, we know there are still one hundred thousands nights of revolution in which we will be able to write a new page in history, the page of the winners.

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  1. This is just the first step in Cork. Look at the way it all started in Spain... We really need Irish people to know about this global movement and to join us in Cork, Dublin, Galway and all over the island.

  2. My comment seems to exceed the character count limit. Please see http://culturalmeanings.wordpress.com/2011/05/26/true-democracy-now-in-cork-some-questions-and-comments-from-a-sympathetic-observer/